How Antares Homes boost website conversions by
20% during after hours.

Discover how our technology and human-driven CRO solution transformed one of the leading homebuilders' online customer interactions and lead generation game.


Increase in website conversion rates


Increase in total website


Captured quality leads outside business hours

Carrie Davis
"Having SmartChat capture leads after hours was a game changer. We saw a 20% increase in our leads conversion during after-work hours with SmartChat.

Additionally, the pay-per-lead model was a significant win, as it allowed us to manage our budget effectively and only pay for results.

About Antares Homes.

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Antares Homes is a reputable home builder known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

With over 16 years of experience in the industry, Antares Homes has built a strong reputation for constructing beautiful, high-quality homes and providing exceptional service to its clients.

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Life before SmartChat: Business priorities and challenges faced.

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Before partnering with CommVersion and implementing SmartChat, Antares Homes had a highly qualified online sales consultant (OSC) team effectively converting leads during business hours.

However they identified an opportunity to further optimize their lead capture by addressing challenges such as:

Missed opportunities

Prospective customers browsing the website after-hours weren't converting due to the absence of immediate, personalized interaction

CPA optimisation

Antares Homes sought to reduce their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) while optimizing marketing spend and boosting overall profitability.

Better lead management

Antares Homes needed a solution to handle customer inquiries effectively and ensure a seamless handover to their online sales consultant (OSC) team.

Why Antares chose SmartChat:

Antares Homes needed a solution that addressed after-hours quality lead capture without sacrificing the human touch. SmartChat's key features that resonated with them included:

Boosted conversions

SmartChat targets website visitors at the right time with the right message, turning them into high-quality leads.

Enhanced OSC experience

Sales thrive on having detailed prospects information ready at hand, which empowers them to convert leads more effectively.

Seamless integration

The onboarding process was smooth and integrated seamlessly into their existing systems via a tag manager.

Let's look at what makes SmartChat different.

SmartChat combines the best of data-led technology with human-powered live chat to increase website conversion rates by 30% +, over and above generic live chat tools, whilst providing high-quality on-brand experiences.

Configured and managed specifically for each customer, SmartChat provides a 100% ‘done-for-you’ live chat solution designed to identify, engage, qualify and convert high-value prospects who are showing signals that they will otherwise leave your website without enquiring.

Integrating effortlessly with your website, SmartChat offers a unique opportunity to move the needle on the metrics that matter quickly and without up-front cost.
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The Results

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The implementation of SmartChat brought about more qualified leads, improved sales efficiency, and boosted Antares Homes' bottom line significantly.

Here are some of the results they were able to see with SmartChat:


Increase in website conversion rate


Increase in total website enquiries


Captured quality leads outside business hours

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