InstantConnect - elevate your lead conversion game, further.

Say goodbye to lagging response times and hello to InstantConnect – your key to turning website conversations into closed deals, lightning-fast!

How InstantConnect enhances SmartChat.


SmartChat sparks magic

SmartChat transforms your website into a bustling hub of conversations. Our human-led approach sparks high-intent dialogues that leave your visitors intrigued and ready to explore further.


Elevate engagement with a call

Qualified chat leads deserve more than just text on a screen. When the timing is right and the interest is hot, we give your prospects the golden ticket – the option to instantly connect via phone.


Turbo-charge conversations

Let InstantConnect be your secret weapon. Deploy it, and watch your sales reps and leads seamlessly jump from chat to phone conversations. No delays, no complications – just pure connection.


Turn dialogue into dollars

Let conversations become catalysts for conversion. Your sales reps engage in real, meaningful discussions that resonate. The result? Higher conversion rates that'll make your competition green with envy.

Say hello to real-time connection. Book a demo.

Customer-centric chat-to-calls that convert.

InstantConnect isn't just about making calls; it's about creating a seamless journey. Give your leads an unforgettable experience that highlights your dedication to their needs.

Bridge the gap, and see more deals with less stress.

Where SmartChat bridges the gap between your visitors and your chat agents, InstantConnect takes it further by connecting your prospects directly with your sales superheroes – no delays, no fuss.

Faster lead-to-deal times

Connect and convert in real-time

Enhanced human touch

Provide an exceptional experience

No missed opportunities

Maximise conversion rates

Witness the future of lead conversion for yourself.

Frequently asked questions.

How does InstantConnect work?

Once a chat conversation has been qualified the chat agent will offer the option to get on a call with a sales representative. If the visitor wants to move ahead they will provide their number and InstantConnect will dial both the sales rep and the visitor, allowing the conversation to move from chat to phone call.

How does this work with our IVR?

Whilst we can set up InstantConnect to work with your pre-existing IVR functionality, we suggest using direct dials for the best connection rates and customer experience.

What happens when a call is disconnected?

Before accepting the connection, the designated receiver will be provided with an overview of the chat as well as the leads phone number. This will allow for a redial if there is a disconnection.

What happens if the call isn't connected?

Sometimes calls are missed or the receiver is on another call. When this happens, InstantConnect launches a second connection attempt. Our SmartChat chat agents also stay connected on chat during the connection process to ensure continual and clear communication.

If a call cannot be connected, the chat agent will discuss the next steps with the lead and pass through all lead details as usual.

How easy is it to set up?

We will require a few details such as the phone numbers to call, and will run a few tests with the recipient, but we manage all of the setup making InstantConnect very easy to deploy. This takes a few hours at most.

Still have questions?