How Crest Nicholson achieved a 66% uplift in website conversion rate with SmartChat.

Sarah Norman
"Our 2-week trial demonstrated the effectiveness of SmartChat, with a remarkable 66% increase in website conversion rates.

This has resulted in high-quality leads that have impressed our sales team.

In my experience, SmartChat is the best chat tool I have come across"

About Crest Nicholson

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Crest Nicholson is one of the leading homebuilders in the United Kingdom. For almost 60 years, they've built a brand renowned for outstanding design, quality construction, and great customer service. The company remains extremely proud of this reputation.

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Let’s take a look at their goals for 2024

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With mortgage hikes across 2023 and 2024 causing lengthened sales cycles and difficulties driving new leads, the Crest Nicholson team knew they needed to look for options to reverse the impact on their bottom line. The hurdles they needed to overcome included:

Increasing lead volumes

Driving quality leads

Improve customer experience

How did they address these hurdles?


Having tried different technologies to capture more leads from existing website visitors, including live chat, they decided to trial CommVersion's SmartChat solution.

This decision stemmed primarily from SmartChat's focus on combining data-driven technology with human connection to drive 'net new' leads. Some of the benefits include:

Increase website conversion rate

Designed to turns lost opportunities into qualified leads.

Available 24/7 without the overhead

Qualifies traffic at all hours of the day.

Risk free

Only pay for qualified leads

Overcoming the

Initially sceptical, the Crest Nicholson team had reservations about whether SmartChat could truly enhance the customer experience during visitor interactions.

As the trial progressed, these concerns were alleviated when SmartChat's human-to-human approach produced high-quality interactions that matched the brand's tone of voice.

This instilled confidence in their ability to drive both quality and quantity of leads.
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The Results

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In just two weeks after implementing SmartChat's trial on the Crest Nicholson website, we observed a surge in lead quantity and quality. Additionally, chat transcripts equipped their sales team with all the necessary information to close deals successfully.


SmartChat uplift in website conversion rates.


of chats converted to qualified leads.


sales cycles by converting chat inquiries to inbound calls using SmartChat's Instant Connect feature.

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