California movers SHOCKED! How Meathead achieved a 40% jump in onsite conversion rate.

Want to move more leads to conversions? California's leading mover, Meathead, saw a staggering 40% increase! Discover their secret conversion-boosting strategy (it's not what you think!) and unlock similar growth for your business.


Increase in onsite conversion rate.


Additional leads each month.


On high-quality leads.

"Since implementing SmartChat, we've seen an increase of 40% in our onsite conversion rate. The ability to seamlessly transfer leads over the phone in real-time has been a game-changer.

Previous outsourced solutions frustrated us because training them to capture our brand voice proved nearly impossible.

As a Meathead veteran who's seen multiple chat solutions come and go, I can confidently say SmartChat is the easiest to work with."
Jenny Bierbaum

They say it better than we ever could...
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Life before SmartChat: Business priorities and challenges faced.

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Meathead wanted their website to be a moving machine – generating leads and smoothing the customer journey. But things got stuck in the mud. Following up on online requests felt like phone tag with ghosts, and they weren't bringing in as many leads as they'd hoped.  

Here's what was slowing them down:

Difficulty reaching clients

In the past, their biggest headaches was chasing down leads. People would submit requests online, and then it became a game of phone tag. They just couldn't connect!

Inconsistent chat quality

Another hurdle was maintaining a consistent messaging tone with external teams. Clients would sometimes get frustrated with the way chats came across.

Limited coverage

Finally, their previous chat solutions weren't available 24/7. Weekends were a nightmare because their smaller crew struggled to keep up with the chats coming in.

SmartChat to the rescue!

See why they chose SmartChat!

Their website just wasn't cutting it as a lead generation machine. Following up on online requests felt like a never-ending game of phone tag, and their lead volume was stuck in neutral. That's why they decided to partner with SmartChat.

SmartChat's focus on real-time connections, smart targeting, and a human-led approach promised to bridge the gap between website visitors and qualified leads. Essentially, we offered a way to ditch the phone tag and get leads moving smoothly down the sales funnel.

Here are some of the ways SmartChat ALWAYS comes tops:

Targeted engagement

SmartChat's targeted approach ensures that website visitors receive the right message at the right time. This reduces frustration and enhances the overall experience, connecting potential customers with the information they need when they need it most.

Combining AI with a human touch

SmartChat combines data analysis with human-led interaction, capturing the emotions and intent behind customer inquiries. This allows for more personalised interactions, which are crucial for the better customer experience.

Trust and relationship building

SmartChat frees up OSC teams to focus on building relationships and addressing more complex questions. This leads to a more trusting and engaging experience for potential home buyers, ultimately driving more successful sales.

Here's why SmartChat is the better choice.

SmartChat combines the power of data-driven technology with personalised live chat to significantly increase website conversion rates compared to generic live chat tools.  

This fully managed solution provides high-quality, on-brand experiences for your customers.SmartChat is specifically configured and managed for each client, offering a "done-for-you" approach. It identifies, engages, qualifies, and converts high-value prospects who are likely to abandon your website without inquiring.

The effortless integration with your existing website allows you to quickly improve key metrics without any upfront costs.
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Get to know the happy mover.

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California's leading independent mover, Meathead Movers, tackles your move with muscle and a smile.

Their athlete-founded team prioritises customer satisfaction with transparent pricing and even offers free moves to survivors of domestic violence.

They basically lead your stress-free relocation.

The Results

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Meathead Movers saw a golden opportunity to streamline their customer journey!  Partnering with SmartChat promised a brighter future - one filled with real-time connections and a path towards smoother lead conversion.  

Let's explore the positive impact this collaboration had on their business!


Increase in onsite conversion rate.


Additional leads each month.


On high-quality leads.

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