Elevate your
SmartChat experience.

SmartChat is doing its job in generating quality leads for your team, now it’s time to optimise the process further and take your success to the next level.

Fast connection rates

Streamlined pipeline

More sales

The dynamic duo your business is missing.

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1. InstantConnect.
Lightning fast conversations.

Create a seamless customer experience with our chat-to-call solution. With InstantConnect your high-intent chat leads are connected directly to your sales team through phone calls in real-time.

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2. CRM integration.
Sync for success.

Remove the manual data entry and save time by plugging your SmartChat leads directly into your CRM system. Creating a unified view with optimal management of your chat leads.

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Get more out of SmartChat.

Why upgrade with our add-ons? It’s simple. Because they make your life easier and help close more deals.

Maximise ROI & conversion rates

Time can be a deal-killer. Both InstantConnect and our CRM integration allows for quicker turnaround times, leading to more deals won.

Save time and effort

Where InstantConnect allows your sales team to connect with leads in real-time, our CRM Integration ensures seamless lead management.

Increase customer satisfaction

It’s not a complicated formula, a quick and satisfying customer experience equals more sales which means more revenue.

Boost sales team morale

While some might say happy wife, happy life, we understand the reality of keeping sales teams happy, motivated and successful.

Take the next step.

Don't miss the opportunity to supercharge your lead generation efforts. Talk to our team about deploying our add-ons.

Still have questions...

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What is InstantConnect & how do we get started?

InstantConnect is our chat-to-call solution that allows our chat agents to connect a lead to your sales team through a phone call right there and then.

Since you already have SmartChat working your lead generation, all you need to do is provide us with the contact details for your nominated call recipient, their name and the hours they are available to receive calls and we will do the rest. We can get this set up within a few hours.

How does the CRM integration work?

Exactly how you imagine. Right now you’re receiving your leads via email. This will continue but the lead details will also be plugged straight into your CRM in a way that works best for your current lead pipeline.

We can integrate with any CRM platform, and build this to meet any existing requirements so that your team gets full visibility of the lead details exactly where and how they would expect it. This saves time and potential for data errors, allowing your team to get on with their job.