How Strutt & Parker crushed CPL and achieved 68% more valuation leads.

Discover how Strutt and Parker achieved soaring conversion rates and dramatically reduced website drop-off with SmartChat's unique human-driven approach to online customer interactions.


Increase in valuation leads.


Additional seller leads monthly.


On high-quality leads.

"Having worked with CommVersion before, I was aware that their solution delivers exceptional quality leads. As we operate with high-end properties, we needed a reliable solution to deliver a resonant message at the right time.

After working with SmartChat for 8 months, we’ve significantly lowered our CPL and are thrilled to be driving over 100 seller leads monthly. This is a fantastic achievement for us.

Their team has been incredibly adaptive, and we would gladly choose them again without hesitation."
Alex Lord

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Life before SmartChat: Business priorities and challenges faced.

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For Strutt and Parker, the primary goal has always been to drive positive growth while preserving their long-standing heritage brand. They also aimed to embrace modern methods of customer engagement.

Here are some of the challenges they've faced along the way:

Generating more leads

They needed to find innovative ways to attract and capture potential customers at the top of the funnel.

Increasing website conversion rate

Enhance user experience to turn visitors into loyal customers - at a lower cost-per-lead.

Simplifying the online buying journey

They also considered streamlining the online buying process so it is effortless and enjoyable for their customers.

S&P know a good thing when they see it.

See why they chose SmartChat!

Strutt & Parker were looking for a CRO solution that would understand the emotional nuances of our customer journey and the true intent behind each inquiry. SmartChat's advanced capabilities, particularly its smart targeting, seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Let's see how SmartChat helped Strutt & Parker overcome their communication challenges!

Targeted engagement

SmartChat's targeted approach ensures that website visitors receive the right message at the right time. This reduces frustration and enhances the overall experience, connecting potential customers with the information they need when they need it most.

Combining AI with a human touch

SmartChat combines data analysis with human-led interaction, capturing the emotions and intent behind customer inquiries. This allows for more personalised interactions, which are crucial for the customers we serve.

Trust and relationship building

SmartChat frees up OSC teams to focus on building relationships and addressing more complex questions. This leads to a more trusting and engaging experience for potential home buyers, ultimately driving more successful sales.

Here's why SmartChat is the better choice.

SmartChat combines the power of data-driven technology with personalised live chat to significantly increase website conversion rates compared to generic live chat tools.  

This fully managed solution provides high-quality, on-brand experiences for your customers.SmartChat is specifically configured and managed for each client, offering a "done-for-you" approach. It identifies, engages, qualifies, and converts high-value prospects who are likely to abandon your website without inquiring.

The effortless integration with your existing website allows you to quickly improve key metrics without any upfront costs.
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Get to know the happy customer.

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Strutt & Parker has been a leading name in UK property for over 130 years.  With dedicated advisors across more than 50 offices, they deliver exceptional service, leveraging both local expertise and international reach.  

The company combines tradition with innovation, understanding the evolving property market and seizing the opportunities it presents.

The Results

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SmartChat wasn't just a party trick for Strutt & Parker. It actually helped them score some serious wins! They saw a jump in qualified leads, their sales team became efficiency ninjas, and their bottom line got a healthy boost.

Let's dive into some of the results they saw after bringing SmartChat on board.


Increase in valuation leads.


Additional seller leads monthly.


On High-value leads

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