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Our CRO solution - SmartChat - turns traffic into profitable home building opportunities, boosting revenue while improving customer experience.
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Join other housebuilders using SmartChat to generate more sales-ready leads from their website.

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Convert up to 50% more qualified leads from existing traffic.

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It's a game-changer. More leads at a reduced acquisition cost.

Reap the benefits of a significant increase in leads and conversions, all while keeping costs in check.  Harness the power of SmartChat and create a personalized and interactive experience for website visitors.

Be available 24/7

Never miss a deal

No recruitment hassle

Our team are yours

Pay only for qualified leads

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Since we started using CommVersion's SmartChat solution, our sales have skyrocketed. We went live with it right in the middle of a mortgage rate hike and our sales cycle was starting to lengthen. But it was through the 4-week period that we managed to sail through uncertainty and recorded a 632% increase in qualified leads, selling 10 additional homes. And to top it off, Commversion’s service was so fantastic that even the sales team loves our leads. SmartChat is not too good to be true, trust me, the results really do speak for themselves."

Kevin Holifield
Digital Marketing Specialist, True Homes
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CommVersion's SmartChat Solution has really moved the needle for us - we saw an instant increase in the volume of leads generated for our communities by 30%+. My Sales Team loves the leads and the narrative that is included with each one. When they do their lead follow-up, they are able to quickly connect to the prospects' needs and wants.  

The setup process was quick and easy. CommVersion's pay-per-lead model means we only pay for the qualified leads they deliver."

Kelly Hoodwin
VP Sales & Marketing, Altura Homes
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We started with the two-week trial offered to see if the hosted chat would generate more leads than our DIY chat management. In those two weeks, we more than doubled our number of leads and have continued to use the solution ever since.  SmartChat has generated more leads than any other source I have tried in years."

Jodi Dines
CIO, Real Estate One
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SmartChat for housebuilders. How it works.


High-intent visitors are identified using browsing behaviours and smart triggers.


Identified visitors are engaged with helpful information and qualified for the next step.


Qualified leads with chat transcripts and contact details flow through to sales.


More deals are won through a quick and seamless customer experience.

Book a demo, and see how you can secure more deals.

Connect to your existing platforms.

With SmartChat, leads are seamlessly integrated into existing CRM platforms, allowing for effective data processing and lead management.

Don't just take our word for it.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is the benefit of SmartChat for home builders?

The home builder market is incredibly competitive, making the first company to have a conversation vital in converting a prospect into a lead. SmartChat has been built to target high-intent traffic with the right messaging to build trust and convert website visitors into qualified leads.

How does SmartChat differ from other forms of live chat?

Where live chat can be used for support queries, SmartChat has been built specifically for lead generation and uses visitor behaviour to identify high-intent traffic to qualify and convert.

How are conversations qualified as leads?

SmartChat agents use a bespoke knowledge base with conversational cues and questions to qualify interested home buyers from support queries.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, we provide a 14-day free trial.

Still have questions?